Chad Lemke discusses how he discovered holistic land managment that helps land stewards better manage their natural resources to reap the benefits of sustainable economics, environmental and social gain. Click here to read the full article 

On September 18, 2014, Chad Lemke of McCollum-Lemke Ranches appeared on Food Dialogues to discuss animal welfare and farming methods.  Click here to watch video.

Hollistic Management International,

In Practice, September/October 2014, page 11

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McCollum-Lemke Ranches

Established in 1895

Chad Lemke with McCollum-Lemke Ranches discuss' regenerative agriculture and how 100% grassfed animals are imperative in helping to regenerate the land, bread all natural grassfed meats for sale, and holistically manage our animals grazing to create healthy meat alternatives. Click the link below to read the full article. regenerative-ag-in-the-lone-star-state